Comprehensive Eye Exams


Eye Health Evaluation

Did you know that your eyes reveal a lot about your overall health? In fact, your eyes provide early detection for many different diseases that can affect more than just your vision! That’s why Dr. Jones performs tests that look for signs and symptoms of many different diseases, not just eye diseases.

Illness that may be discovered early through signs in your eyes include high blood pressure, diabetes, tumors, vascular irregularities and even heart disease.  It’s important to leave your total eye care to professionals.  Of course – we always check your eyesight to ensure proper vision, but we do a lot more too!  Did you know that the curve of your cornea determines how light reflects into your retina and the type of image produced?  We measure your cornea, record your vision then consult and recommend the best options available to you with all the latest technology!

We check for glaucoma. This is a disease where high levels of eye pressure develop and your eyes fail to regulate this pressure.  Early detection of glaucoma is crucial to prevent the loss of sight.

We watch for cataracts – cataracts happen as we age and the lens of your eye becomes cloudy and needs replaced.

Do you know what binocular vision is? It’s when each eye forms it’s own image and transfers it the brain.  The brain then fuses the two images into one.  In order for this to happen your eyes must move and work together to produce the same size and shaped image. When this doesn’t happen it’s difficult to see clearly and usually causes strain and headaches.  I bet you didn’t even know that we do a series of tests to assess the ability of your eye muscles and make sure they are working as a team!

While so many bargain eye care providers are interested only in volume and getting the next patient in the chair, we put quality above all else. The best way to protect your vision is with a yearly eye exam!